Tuesday Market in Montpellier

There’s a lovely market in Montpellier every Tuesday morning just under the aqueduct. Lush, ripe fruit and delicious vegetables share space with freshly baked breads, artisanal cheese, seafood, beef, and my favorite, chickens turning and cooking on a rotisserie–the juices dripping down on cut potatoes at the bottom. There were also baskets, artwork, clothes, and jewelry, and before I knew it, my bag was filled, a baguette peeking out and the night’s dinner inside.


Tuesday’s market stretches a couple of blocks, but there is one on Saturday that is much bigger. And more crowded, I hear. This one was perfect, and I was able to get dinner for the next couple of nights. The menu? Salad with tomatoes and cucumber, chicken and potatoes, le pain traditionelle (essentially, a baguette), a wonderful bottle of white wine (at the wonderful price of 4 euro), and peaches and apricots with fresh whipped cream for dessert. Voila!



There were samples of almost everything. It was difficult to choose one bread to take home–one was better than the next.



It’s been one of my favorite days yet and talking to the vendors about their wares (albeit in my very bad/nonexistent French) made it all the more cozy. There’s nothing like a local market to make you feel like you’re a traveler and not a tourist. I know where I’ll be next Tuesday…