Have Blueberries, Will Eat

It’s almost time for blueberry season in New England. Lucky for me, I had a chance to start on some picking while visiting my cousins in Massachusetts. We all know blueberries grow wild and free in this part of the country and the high bush berry variety, is king. Although I’ve heard blueberries ripen first week in July, I arrived a little before harvest and some were ready to go. This was a treat because everyone knows, blueberries don’t grow down south in New Orleans.
IMG_7512My cousin David has quite a colorful garden growing in his backyard. It was like berry heaven.  The strawberries, were so beautiful with their crimson color skin which tempted my tastebuds. I began dreaming of making strawberry preserves no better yet a strawberry pie. The bushes of raspberries weren’t quite ready but you could imagine how excited I was to see those little clusters of love starting to ripen and beginning to take on a pale pink color. I spotted a sole red one and plucked it.

IMG_7483The blueberry bushes were beginning to ripen and ranged from a parakeet green to a blush red to the coveted indigo blue. He covered the berries in netting to keep the critters from feasting before we had a chance to pick ‘em. Only the deepest of blue were pick-able, but we were able to gather a bowlful from a few bushes. They were delicious on their own and lucky for us, my brother stopped by the local bakery and brought a blueberry-rhubarb pie to dinner. That first bite, was a little bit of heaven. I had to leave before the raspberries were ready but I’m imagining the wonderful jams and pies that’ll be made with those lovely little berries. I’m crossing my fingers that maybe my cousins will send me some….




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