Have Nicks, We’ll Be There

The picturesque drive through Laguna Canyon is always the pre-game before landing in Laguna Beach.  While most of the time traffic sends me into a complete tizzy-fit somehow this congestion excites me. I know at the end of this road adventure awaits. The road winds just enough to showcase the homes on top of the hills, endless trails to walk, hike or bike, eye-catching wild flowers, and the day laborer who seeks work. It’s a plethora of contradictions.

The short 3.5-mile drive ends as the window of the sea appears. Parking is an issue in Laguna so I have my go-to structure. The Glenneyre parking lot is my spot. The underground parking at this location is a mess so I suggest using the top structure.

The pathway to Nick’s is like a stroll back in time just as you would imagine a small European town to look, charming and quaint. It’s so inviting as the energy builds. The path leads to PCH and Nick’s is just a couple shops to the right. IMG_6782

I know momentarily, the energy is going to change. Nick’s Bloody’s are somewhat ritualistic. A lot goes into preparing these spiked tomatoey drinks. Glasses are lined up at the bar. A spoonful of this and a spoonful of that, horseradish, seasoning, two types of juice: lemon and orange, and some tomato juice into a tall glass and voilà a red delicious drinks that will make your toes curl. The cherry on top is their deep-fried green olives stuffed with blue cheese and a lemon and lime wedge.  HEAVEN in a glass.

nick-s-laguna-beach (2)
Nick’s Bloody Mary with a fried green olive stuffed with  blue cheese

Three Bloody Mary’s later we looked at the menu and like usual we were in-sync. We both wanted to try the deviled eggs. The very thought of a fried deviled egg had me seeing stars.

Deep Fried Deviled Egg

Nick’s did not disappoint. The following weekend I had a delicious Sunday breakfast at Nick’s with yet another Bloody to kick start my day.


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